Tax Preparation Service for Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Get The Most Out Of your Deductions

Truck drivers incur a lot of expenses while on the road and away from home. Most of these expenses are not applied to most truck driver tax returns.  At GTE, I make it my duty to make sure you recover your expenses on your tax return. I have over 200 deductions that can be applied to your tax return you never used before or did not know existed to put on your tax return. There are numerous deductions out there for truck drivers and I go the extra mile to get these deductions for you.

The IRS allows truck drivers to deduct “ordinary and necessary” business expenses. This can vary even on an individual level for both trucking employees and trucking companies.  Online tax software does a decent job when you prepare your own tax return, however, it will never be the same as hiring a professional because your not asked the right questions to ensure you benefit.


The ultimate goal of income tax returns for taxpayers is getting their tax liability (AGI or taxable income) down from a six figure income to $0-zero dollars with respect to getting a tax refund. In order to accomplish this as a Truck Driver, you will have to use as many business tax deductions as possible. I have taken the guesswork and most research out the way for you. Making tax time more simple for Truck Drivers. 

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