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Get The Full Value in Your Tax Return That You Pay For

Galloway Tax Express Mission

To bring value and relief to overwhelmed and frustrated business owners and individuals who make over $100,000 a year and prepare and file their own tax return.

With my expert tax advice, business owners and individuals making over $100,000 a year, I guarantee tax relief for those who are overwhelmed and frustrated with their tax situation or your return preparation is free. Galloway Tax Express expert tax service provides you with the benefits of taxes and you get the most value for the money you pay.  With GTE, business owners and individuals can look forward to actually using their business expenses they never used or don't know of, avoidance of an audit and an increase in profit, resulting in saving money. 

Did you know that most business owners and individuals making over $100,000 who prepare and file their own tax return, are actually preparing their tax on the surface? Because the tax return is prepared on the surface, results are either owing the IRS or getting a low tax refund. I do not prepare tax returns on the surface, I go under the surface to get savings for you to keep your hard earned money.

I use my expertise in tax codes and laws to get business owners and individuals who make over $100,000 a quick and stress free solution that immediately takes your burden of worrying about your tax return preparation and filing and whether or not you will owe the IRS or get a tax refund.

Did you get a smaller refund than normal in 2019 or ending up owing the IRS over $1,000?  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has left numerous business owners and individuals with low refunds or owing in 2019.  I get your tax situation back on track and get you saving money again. Because as tax experts, I know over 200 tax deductions and expenses to help business owners and individuals to saving money in taxes. Most are useful in almost all tax returns situations for business owners and individuals making over $100,000.

Just ask yourself...

Would I rather pay the IRS $1500 or get a refund of $900? Simple...You make the choice!

Remote Service & Mobile Tax Unit

I go the long mile to make tax filing convenient for busy business owners and individuals because I know your busy.  At GTE, you will enjoy the relaxation of having your tax return prepared at home, while at work or on the go. 

With my remote and mobile tax preparation services, you will never have to worry about getting your tax return prepared and electronically filed on time again.  I make it simple for you, by you sending your information after a free consultation or I come to you, offering same day service for most tax returns.

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