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Our Mission

Galloway Tax Express brings value to family while emphasizing on deductions to tax preparation while helping taxpayers pay less and save money

With our remote and mobile tax preparation services, you will never have to worry about leaving home again to get your tax return prepared and electronically filed. We’ve make it simple for you, just send us your tax documents and information and we take care of the rest while you relax at home or work. Same day service, enjoy the convenience of our remote and mobile services. Never leave home again. 

Get the savings you deserve! We thoroughly look through your tax deductions taking a close look at what you spend to itemize your deductions that you may have otherwise would not have deducted. Save you earned money today!

Remote Service & Mobile Tax Unit

We go the long mile to make tax filing convienent for taxpayers. As a taxpayer, you will enjoy the relaxation of having your tax return prepared at home, while at work or on the go by our tax professionals. 

At GTE, we understand that some taxpayers are unable to get out and go to a tax preparation office to get their tax return prepared. We have solved this problem for you by providing remote tax preparation service for clients who may not be within our immediate service area and mobile tax service for clients who area within our immediate service area. Don't concern yourself anymore about when you can get out to get your tax return prepared and filed, call on us we will handle your tax filing for you at your convenience. Call us to learn more about our remote and mobile tax unit.

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Find out which tax deductions you have that you can use

Find out which tax deductions you have that you can use

Remote Tax Preparation Service

Convenient remote tax service just for you. Get started today. 


  1. Gather all you tax information and documents
  2. Download, read and sign the required forms (ALL forms in the download zip file) or Fill out forms online for Individuals or Small Businesses
  3. Save downloaded signed forms, tax documents and tax information to a file on your computer or mobile device
  4. Click Start Here below to upload and send us your tax documents and all tax information
  5. After we receive you submitted documents and information, we immediately start preparing your tax return
  6. After your tax return is completed, you will be sent forms electronically to electronically sign required forms before your tax return can be submitted to the IRS
  7. You will also receive a link to make payment for completion of tax return
  8. After you sign and send back all required signed forms, along with your payment, your return will be submitted to the IRS and State, if applicable
  9. You will then receive an electronic copy of your completed tax return
  10. Take Taxpayer Survey
  11. Your tax preparation service is complete in one day!

Start Here

Tax Preparation that makes tax deductions a Priority

Complete Online for Individuals or Small Businesses

Choose a file to download below. All documents in zip files are required to be filled out completely.

Once you have complete filled out the forms sent forms to us to GET STARTED.



Get paid for your referrals! 

When you refer people to us, you get $75 for each person you refer to us that gets their tax return prepared by us. Start getting paid today. You do not have to be a client of GTE to make a referral, we just make it our business to share our money with you!

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