Tax Reform and Tax Planning



Galloway Tax Express make sure you keep more of your money in your pocket each year when you file your tax return.  Galloway Tax Express business tax planning provides expert advice, help you protect your personal assets, provide access outside of business hours, bookkeeping and provides financial position from a tax perspective in the most efficient manner to make tax filing work in their favor. 

Galloway Tax Express provide tax planning for the Tax Cuts and Job Act (Tax Reform) to ensure you get the most out of tax situation to save you money during the year and pay less or no taxes during tax time.  My goal is to reduce your income, which is your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) so you pay less or no taxes back when you file your tax return.

We lower your tax liability through the use:

1. Identifying and maximizing Personal expenses

2. Identifying and maximizing Charity contributions

3. Identifying and maximizing Business expenses

4. Properly hiring family-members

5. Increase paycheck withholding

And much more, I even provide you additional outside resources to assist you with keeping your AGI down!