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Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks helps companies avoid litigation by spelling out the company’s policies and expectations. Employee handbooks are necessary for both employees and employers while they help employees to understand what is expected of them and what they can except from the company. This includes how pay is decided, how their performance is rated, how they receive benefits, how disputes are settled and much more. 

We build handbooks that are designed with your companies name in it that is clear, understandable, and reflects the culture of the business as well as taking into consideration federal, state and local employment laws requirements to protect the employer.

With convenience we build handbooks for different operations of a company, meaning if you have a call center and a sales and research center, we place core of the handbook for all employees but include specific policies for specific centers as if one department is hourly paid and the other is a union. Although policies will vary from state to state all handbooks are created for the state the company operates in. 

More About the Employee Handbooks

We offer two types of employee handbooks—Basic and Comprehensive. The basic employee handbook comes with a minimum of five (5) sections of policies that most industries need for employees. The comprehensive employee handbook is the maximum policies most industries need for employees with six (6) sections and seventeen (17) added policies.

Included in Employee Handbook

Section 1 - Introduction

· Welcome Statement - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Equal Employment Opportunity

· Employment at Will

· Open Door Policy

Section 2 - Employment Policies

· Employee Categories

· Performance Reviews - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Introductory Period - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Progressive Discipline Policy

Section 3 - Time Away From Work and Other Benefits

· Benefits Overview

· Holidays

· Vacation Benefits

· Sick Days

· Insurance Benefits

· Jury Duty - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Voting Leave - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Military Leave - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Family Medical Leave Act Leave - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Workers' Compensation

Section 4 - On the Job Practices and Policies

· Employment Records - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Pay Day

· Overtime - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Timekeeping - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Working Schedule

· Lactation Breaks

· Direct Deposit

· Company Vehicles

Section 5 - Standards of Conduct 

· Non-Harassment Policy / Non-Discrimination Policy

· Sexual Harassment

· Responsibilities 

· Workplace Violence

· Employee Conduct and Work Rules - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Use of Communication and Computer Systems - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Punctuality and Attendance

· Personal and Company Owned Communication Devices

· Personal Visitors and Telephone Calls

· Inspections

· Smoking

· Confidential Company Information - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· No Solicitation / No Distribution

· Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics 

· Equipment and Property Including Intellectual Property

· Health and Safety - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Hiring Relatives

· Employee Relationships

· Business Expense Reimbursement

· References

· Recording Policy

· Social Media Policy

· Employee Dress Policy

Section 6 - Acknowledgements

· General Handbook Acknowledgment - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

· Receipt of Non-Harassment Policy - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

-Receipt of Sexual Harassment Policy - Included with Comprehensive Handbook

Employee Handbooks made Simple and Easy

Having a hard time creating your employee handbook? We take the guess work out of it for you. We make it simply for you to run your business. Just simply send us your business information and we contact you to go over everything, you approve, we create your handbook and deliver for proofreading, your approve, we send you a pdf to use immediately and word document for your future use for edits. Now that's simple!

Assistance creating employee handbook

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