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Reasons to Own a Tax Office using GTE Tax Software

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*Express your creativity

*Become an expert

*Feeling of accomplishment

*No office visits

If you want to own your own tax preparation business or you just want to prepare tax returns this is your opportunity. We got you on both sides. Free training and assistance is provided during and off tax season, you will never be alone. Click below to get started before January 2020.  We will get you on the road to making your extra cash during tax season. We will also show you how to help your clients reduce their tax liability to either lower their taxes owed or eliminate the completely.

Get started today with just a PTIN and no setup fee. If you do not have a PTIN, we will help you get one to get you started.  Setup fee $899.99 with 30% commission or $1299.99 with 70% commission, pay after you start collecting your money from your clients, guaranteed!

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